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Marine Environmental Management - Pollution Prevention Here, There and Everywhere

Marine Environmental Management - Pollution Prevention Here, There and Everywhere

Bio-Remediation is the most significant breakthrough in petroleum hydrocarbon spill cleanup in the last 20 years. Marine Environmental Mgmt is an unquestioned leader in this exciting technology. We provide the largest range of products for almost every type of petroleum-hydrocarbon contamination cleanup. Marine Environmental Bio-Remedial Products are proven safe and effective.

Simple, Safe, Natural Method of Cleaning Up Hydrocarbon Contamination
Less Expensive than Other Technologies
Regular Use Eliminates Future Contamination

Bio-Remedial Cleaner
Industrial Strength Cleaner & degreaser for concrete floors, cement and stone surfaces. This product contains enhanced micro-organisms & bio-cleaners that are demanded by industrial applications. The combined cleaning & bio-remedial action of this product makes it an essential part of all industrial maintenance & spill cleanup programs.
Applications: Driveways, loading docks, fueling areas, aviation areas, parking lots, railroad tracks & sidings, industrial manufacturing areas.
Packaging: 5 gallon Cubitainers
Shore Based Oil Water Separator Formula
This breakthrough product & technology allows cleaning not achieved by any other means. These biological hydrocarbon digestive microbes are specifically designed for oil-water separators.
Applications: Cleaning of piping and associated containment in oil water separators.
Packaging: 5 gallon Cubitainers
Parts Washer™
Bio-Remedial Agent for Aqueous Parts Washers
A non-solvent, water-based liquid cleaner for parts washers. The safest and most cost effective method to wash away grease & oil from parts. The micro-organisms contained in this special cleaning agent, is the environmentally safe & effective method to eliminate hydrocarbon contamination
Packaging: 5 Gallon Cubitainers
Liquid Remediact
Bio-Remedial Agent for Soil and Water
This product will solve water & soil hydrocarbon contamination problems. It will bio-remediate most hydrocarbons, in deep water or soil, with a minimum amount of equipment, labor and cost. Liquid Remediact™ has a very high concentration of live synergistic micro-organisms, in a special remediation liquid, that quickly, efficiently and effectively starts the bio-remediation process.
Packaging: 5 Gallon Cubitainers.
Microbial based products for Grease Traps and
Associated piping in Food Service Areas

GTO ™ is a natural, biological treatment system, designed for the food processing, manufacturing and service industries. This product was developed to digest the grease, fats and organic wastes that accumulate in grease traps and drain lines. GTO™ is a live synergistic liquid blend of all natural, CLASS 1 bacteria. This product utilizes Bio-Remediation technology to literally "eat" the above components from the surfaces of the grease trap system.
Packaging: 5 Gallon Cubitainers.
Microbial product for marine applications
A unique, specially developed liquid product to reduce or eliminate hydrocarbon contamination in Bilges, Oily Waste Tanks & Oil Water Separators in vessels equipped with oil water separators. Contains active micro-organisms, in combination with a special "bio-cleaner", that literally "eats" hydrocarbon contamination & cleans fuel and oil in these areas. Safe and effective on all types of oil water separators
Packaging: 5 Gal. Cubitainers.
Small Craft Formula Marine Cleaner™
Marine cleaner and remediation agent.
This product was developed to light oil, fuel and hydrocarbons in bilges, and holding tanks. Small Craft Formula can also be used for washing hulls and engine compartments. Can be used with both fresh or salt water. Contains a unique formula of cleaning agents that support petroleum degrading microbes.
Packaging: 12 ounce bottles
Septic System Cleaner
A revolutionary concept in the cleaning, maintenance & remediation of industrial & residential septic systems. This product uses bio-remedial technology to literally "eat" food & vegetable greases & oils from septic systems. At the same time it will remediate any hydrocarbons in the system including motor oil, fuels, solvents & petroleum based hand cleaners.
Packaging: 5 Gallon Cubitainers.
Micro-Boom is a foam material impregnated with a microbial tablets for use in booming around watercraft, fueling areas, storm drains, outfalls. The microbes will convert the hydrocarbon sheen to a fatty acid.
Available by the foot.
Bio-Reactor Kits
Custom made for those large special applications where remediation will provide adequate degradation of hydrocarbon base compounds in tanks, wastewater treatment facilities.
Available on request
Microbial Absorbent
Multi-use absorbent with bio-remedial microbes for hydrocarbon spills.
This product absorbs & degrades oil, fuel and petroleum hydrocarbons into harmless, environmentally safe by-products. Microbial Absorbent contains only naturally occurring microbes with a specially developed, natural, inert, absorbent material.
Applications: Fuel and oil spills; vehicle repair shops; emergency road spills; parking areas; fuel islands & bulk plants.
Packaging: 25 Lb. Plastic Pails/Bulk Containers Available
Bio-Remedial Agent for Soil
Specially formulated bio-remedial agent for hydrocarbon contamination in soil and is effective down to about 36" deep. This product enables you to "clean-up" fuel, oil, chemical and solvent spill contamination on your property effectively and economically. The use of the included "micro-nutrients" accelerates the bio-remedial process and allows some clean-ups in as little as 30 days.
Packaging: 35 lb. Plastic Pails. (30 lbs. Remediact™ & 5 lbs. Micro-Nutrients)
Food Processing Plant Cleaner
This product is an ideal general purpose cleaner-degreaser to be used in food processing plants. It has the unique ability to digest animal & vegetable greases, fats & oils and lipids & starches associated with these types of facilities. This product goes further by eliminating any residual hydrocarbons that may be present from machinery oils, lubrication agents & solvents.
Applications: Food, Dairy, Poultry and Meat Facilities
Packaging: 5 Gal. Cubitainers
Bulk Containers Available.
Oil Field Maintenance Treatment
A multi-purpose, innovative, bio-remedial, liquid-treatment formulated to resolve cleaning and contamination problems associated with heavy oils. . OFM-500™ is designed to treat water & soil, driveways, parking areas, drilling platforms & rigging. When used in a regular maintenance program, OFM-500™ is cost effective in pollution prevention.
Applications: production fluid overflows, pipeline breaks, wellhead areas, surface pit spills & discharges, equipment failures. This product works in both fresh & salt water.
Packaging: 5 Gallon Cubitainers.
Microbial Rim Hanger
Developed for the small boater and RV/Camper community for remediation and degradation of methane odors and waste associated with septic systems and holding tanks.

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