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Septic & MSD Systems  Products

SEP–700 (Product 2201)
is a highly developed concept for the maintenance and remediation of industrial septic systems. SEP–700 utilizes “Bio–Remediation” technology for the degradation of animal fats, vegetable greases, oils, starches and lipids from all septic systems.

SEP–700 is compounded with special “Bio–Nutrient” compounds to accelerate the remediation process and render the polluting compounds harmless to the environment. As an added benefit additional bacteria have been added to digest fats and food grease that may be slowing down your system, The byproducts of this natural process are Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Water.

FPT–600 (Product 2205)
is formulated for use both as a remediation product and a general purpose cleaner in the food service area. This product utilizes “Bio–Remediation” to literally “eat animal fat” and greases while having the ability to degrade hydrocarbon based compounds that may enter the septic system. FPT–600 is an excellent general purpose cleaner and is highly recommended for use in a general maintenance program in the food service area.
GTO (Product 2101)
is an effective and safe way to solve those problems associated with build-up of grease in grease traps and associated piping. GTO can eliminate the need to pump grease traps, and has proven effective on all types of grease trap systems. When used in conjunction with Super Concentrate odors associated with methane are reduced or eliminated.



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