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Bioremedial Products
OWS–200 (Product Number 1501)
Developed for the increasing mandate from government environmental agencies for the installation and use of oil – water separators and interceptors in industry. This regulations have imposed heavy burdens both financial and operational on all phases of commercial and industrial business. OWS–200 can and will aid to overcome some of these expenses. OWS-200 is a blend of naturally occurring microorganisms specifically chosen for there ability to metabolize hydrocarbon based compounds found in shore based oil water separators. OWS–200 has proven effective in tank cleaning reducing the hydrocarbons to CO2 and water.
Bio–Remedial Absorbent – (Product Number 8101)
Marine Environmental is providing a microbial based absorbent for the absorption and disposal of hydrocarbon based compounds. When used in the prescribed manner our Bio–Remedial Absorbent. This product can eliminate the need for costly, special and highly inefficient disposal of all hydrocarbons based compounds on solid, smooth surfaces.
OFM–500 (Product Number 2501)
Developed for the use in the oil fields. OFM–500 can be used in pressure washers, tank cleaning, porous concrete surfaces, all applications relating to crude oils, and related hydrocarbons based compounds. applications using heavy oils above 180 cst. The bio–remedial action of the micro–organisms, turn the harmful components into safe environmentally friendly substances that can be absorbed into soil or discharged into drainage systems.



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