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Magnetic Fluid Conditioning

Fuel and Water Treatment Units for Industry, Homes & Cars

Heat Exchangers :: Boilers :: Cars-Trucks-Buses :: Cooling Towers & Chillers :: Homes & Office Buildings :: Swimming Pools and Spas

Magnetic Applications

How can one product descale all this and more? This question is being asked by chemical companies, by customers, by engineers, by insurance companies, by all skeptics and those who just want to know if it is true.

Water Treatment
Reduces/eliminates the need for chemical additives to control scale build-up in heating systems and cooling towers.

Fuel Treatment
Reduces the consumption of heating fuel up to 36%. Dissolves carbon/varnish buildup in lines, jets, and injectors. Polarizes fuel for non-hotspoiling uniform burn efficiency.

Download printable PDF on Magnetic Applications
Download printable PDF on How Magnetics Work
Magnetics and Heat Exchangers (PDF)
Magnetic Fuel Conditioning - Industrial (PowerPoint)
Magnetic Fuel Conditioning - Marine (PDF)
Magnetic Fuel Conditioning - Diesel (PDF)
Magnetic Fluid Conditioning - Industry (PFD)
Magnetic Fluid Conditioning - Marine (PDF)
Magnetic Energy For Scale Control - Magnetic Conditioning of a Heat Exchanger

Other Applications
There is a never-ending list of applications due to the wide range of benefits in the treatment of fuel and water for the Commercial/Industrial and Agricultural environment. A few examples are:

  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Cars/Trucks
  • Gasoline
  • Fuel Oil
  • LPG
  • Natural Gas
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chillers
  • Distillers
  • Laundries
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Pools
  • Car Washes
  • Dishwashers



Reduces the consumption of fuel oil, natural gas, LPG up to 25% by giving it a positive charge for better oxygen bonding, Dissolves carbon/varnish build up in lines, jets, injectors, valves, chambers/fireboxes for cleaner/more efficient running.


Reduces and eliminates scale build up in water-process equipment, heating systems, and cooling towers without the need for chemical additives. Dissolves mineral deposits in plumbing systems, improves performance, maximizes water pressure.

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